Allen to Become the New Director of Strategic Implementation for Communities First Association
March 17, 2014 | CFA Staff | Uncategorized | Comments

Brandon AllenPlease join us in welcoming Brandon M. Allen as the Director of Strategic Implementation. Brandon brings to us a wealth of resources in program planning, management, and integration by way of innovation and efficiency.

Brandon has formerly served in educational leadership in Chicago Public Schools, as well as in executive level operations management at Balton Corporation in Chicago, Illinois.

Reesheda Washington, Executive Director of Communities first Association says, “We have gained a great asset in Brandon Allen’s commitment to Christian community development, his dedication to strategic planning and implementation, and his heart for standing alongside his neighbor in the movement towards transformation.”

Allen espouses that he is excited, “to be able to work in an environment that not only promotes spirituality and self-awareness, but also service to others.”

Allen will begin as Director of Strategic Implementation of Communities First Association on March 24, 2014, and will begin his time serving with us at the CFA Association Meeting of Trainer/Coaches and Neighborhood Connectors in Indianapolis, IN on March 25 & 26.

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  • Jayne

    interested….could not find a single e-mail address, phone number, or person who I would call. Several places to send money. Is there anyone who could talk to me about our church and town using this resource. I love the way you think about the problems of communities and start with the strengths.

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