About Us

CFA Mission Statement

CFA is a professional association of Intermediary Christian Community Developers providing a supportive learning environment, resources, and tools to those who transform communities.

CFA Vision Statement

CFA extends the reach of Christian Community Development across the country by providing encouragement and support for Christian leaders, serving as a place for retreat and refreshment, and developing holistic, multisector approaches that contribute to God’s shalom.

We envision an association that:

Encourages churches and organizations to participate in community transformation.
Builds a supportive learning community.
Has leaders growing leaders.
Has credibility with churches.
Is a strategic influence & voice for change.
Extends the prevalence of Community Development nationally.
Offers in-depth holistic, multi-sectored approaches to community development that leads towards God’s shalom at all levels of community life.

CFA Focus

The Communities First Association has as its focus the work of Community Transformation. We know a community is being transformed when:

We see signs of increasing ownership in the community
We see evidence of a growing sense of community
We see and hear about shared vision among residents in the community
We see evidence of increased knowledge, skills, and resources working for shared benefit
Leadership is emerging in the community from the community
We see appreciation for evaluation and reflection and ongoing learning in a community
We see Christians living out Biblical values, sharing their faith in natural ways, and contributing to a sense of peace and joy (Shalom)

CFA Documents

CFA Mission Statement (PDF)

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